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Helium22 is an advanced software development company with interests in software development, cyber security, robotics and research.

Our consultancy starts with an initial call, we'll be trying to find out how you see your problem, and what are your expectations. Followed by an initial assessment, we would be able to let you know how we could help, or refer you to a specialist company who could better serve you. If you do decide to proceed with us, we would arrange a meeting to come and see you or even host a remote video call, however before that we would try to obtain all the necessary information from you that is relative to your specific requirements.

When we do meet you face to face, our consultants would usually bring along a basic project brief, so that you can confirm that you would like to proceed to a development stage, at which time your signature and a 30% project fee must be paid to commence any work. This fee is non refundable, and covers the cost of cancellation.

When your register on the Helium22 website, as an individual or a business, you will be entitled to have access to our FREE solutions, which can be applications, documents, eBooks or digital audio or video content. Before you use our software, you are agreeing with our terms and conditions, which can be read here:

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If you have a special project in mind, and you require specialist expertise, then please contact us.

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We focus on software solutions, consultancy and innovation of which some are listed below.

Facilities Management

Helium22 - Condition Survey Toolkit ver 2.1.7x (CST) is now available for release. Clear Capture is also available as part of our capture suite of tools. Watch our video online.

Helium22 Digital eStore

Find out how Helium22 can solve your IT problems. Whether you're a business or individual, we have got some fantastic products and services to help you.

Protect youself against computer viruses

Viruses, trojans, rootkits, worms and adware are all on the increase. Find out how to protect yourself against these types of malware, and what you can do if you're are affected by organised crime.

Web Services

We have developed many web enabled services that you can use anywhere in the world. Zero installation, and remote configure through our unique portal ensures that you can access these services at any time. Helium22 will continue to add new web services to our portfolio of solutions.

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FREE Solutions

Our solutions listed here are completely FREE, please ensure that your have read and agreed to our Terms and Conditions before using any of our softwares. By using our softwares, you automatically agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Use the search facility to find what you require, if you cannot find a solution, we may be able to develop one for you or your business.

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White Papers

Our White Papers explain a wide variety of topics in non technical plain English. If you want to learn about IT and various industries, this should be your reference starting point. Created by professionals, they give you an insight into what really goes in the private and public sectors.

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