Our History

In the beginning

What makes us different is that we listen first, and like to tackle the most challenging problems the world has to offer, and succeed.

It‘s through humble beginnings that Helium22 was born. We are the conclusion of 36 years in IT working within various industries, and applying our passion and knowledge to make real world applications come alive. Unbound and exposed to some of the largest FTSE100 clients in the world, our passion for IT is the one main factor that drives us to succeed today, and everyday.

We continue to achieve higher successes, and believe anything is achievable with clear focus. Many times clients have said, "We have a problem, it cannot be done", this is where we thrive, and show them that with the correct use of technology, they can overcome any obstacle, and also turn a problem into a profitable solution.

We are multi-scope specialists, and able to communicate clearly and concisely on how we can help solve your problems.


These are changing times, technology is rapidly changing and too many businesses and people are being left behind.

It doesn't have to be this way, Helium22 believes that we should not only help businesses, we should help individuals. This is very important, because its individuals that make up businesses. It's the people who strive to attain the knowledge, the innovators and the people who push the boundaries that we should shift our focus, efforts and help.

This website is a starting platform for just that, our aim is to be part of the solution.

Steve Davis - Founder / CTO

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