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Whether you know what you want, or not sure where to start, Helium22 can provide you with a no obligation an initial free consultation and a 100% satisfaction guarantee..

How we work

Our consultancy starts with an inital call, we'll be trying to find out how you see your problem, and what are your expectations.

Followed by an initial assessment, we would be able to tell you how we could help or refer you to a specialist company who could better serve you. If you do decide to proceed with us, we would arrange a meeting to come and see you or even host a remote video call, however before that we would try to obtain all the necessary information from you that is relative to your specific case. When we do meet you face to face, our consultants would usually bring along a basic project brief, so that you can confirm that you would like to proceed to a development stage, at which time your signature and a 30% project fee must paid to commence work. This fee is non refundable, and covers the cost of cancellation.

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We are multi-scoped specalist in automated data management, and have many solutions covering:

  • Software Development
  • Helium22 develops in many software languages like C, C++, C#, Java SE/EE, Visual Basic.NET, Visual FoxPro, JavaScript and web programming such as ASP, ASP.NET and PHP.

  • Software Automation
  • We are confident that no matter how difficult your problem, it can be automated. Many of our solutions have helped many SMEs right through to FTSE100 businesses..

  • Data Management
  • Helium22 has a full set of optimised data tools and programs that can help you process millions of records. Find out how our code set can help you or your business.

  • Document xSignatures
    If you have various documents that requires the signature of the recipient, the Helium22 xSignature is an online tool to sign PDF and other documents.

  • Image Barcode Identification
    Our scanning solutions are able to automatically preprocess images, and identify and extract various types of barcodes types.

  • Security Facial Recognition
    If you have a security systems in mind, our SFR libraries are able to identify facial characteristics, which can be integrated in any system.

  • Profanity Cleaning
    If you capture data online or have built up a marketing list using a call centre database, you should ensure that your captured marketing data does not contain any swear or offensive words that could potentially churn your customers. Our solution is powerful and can detect many variations in offensive words.

  • Software Consultancy
    First and foremost, we are listeners. We cannot solve your problems unless we can fully understand them, as well as you. We ensure that we are both in agreement, and a detailed specification document is issued before commencing any works.

  • Cloud Solutions
    Technology is moving fast, you need servers that can be dynamically allocated and because you're working on a tight budget. Cloud servers provide scalable dynamic solutions for Windows and Linux that can get you working in days instead of weeks.

  • Data Backup and Recovery
    One of the most important factors which companies do no invest in correctly is protecting your data. Loss of data could cause your company to close or become liable. Ensure that recover from accidental data loss, hacking or hardware damage.

  • Data Management
    Our Data tools can help you manage various types of databases, documents and files. Time is money, why not find out how we can help you to increase the speed of your data processing with our MarkOnce Technologies and DataStream tools.

  • Legacy Data Migration
  • We still utilise older software development languages to ensure that we are able to migrate your code or systems over, so that they can utilise the best of the latest software development languages and best IT practices.

  • Mobile Solutions
    Mobile communications and mobile apps are ever expanding technologies. By making use of mobile apps, you could reach more customers overnight and help to increase sales. Whether you want iOS or Android, Helium22 can help with your software development.

  • PC Repair and Recovery
  • Helium22 offer a hardware service which will allow you to recover damaged hard disks which have been attack by viruses or damage caused by wear and tear usage.

  • Customisations and indentification
  • If you can think it, we can create it. Let your imagine explore the true possibilities.

  • Security and Virus Protection
    Helium22 provides PC protection solutions for individuals, the community and for businesses. Whether its software virus detection, protection or removal, we have comprehensive solutions for you.

  • Web Development
    If you require a personal website, or something for your business, or even just need someone to maintain your existing website. Why not give us a call to find out how we can help you to reduce your costs.

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