Clear Capture (CC)

Developed for the Facilities Management industry, Clear Capture is for engineers who prefer a free flowing way to capture their data. Using Excel, engineers capture information directly into the data capture worksheet. This can then be exported into a Condition Survey Toolkit FMR file for more powerful maintenance and reporting.

Clear Capture is part of CST suite of tools to assist in the data capture process.


Licensing is managed in 2 parts, the first part is a site license that is required for every unqiue building that the Clear Capture will be used by your company. If you have 3 sites, you will need 3 site licenses for every site that you wish to use Clear Capture. This does not include your client sites in which you will use the Clear Capture.

User licenses are required to use the software, and one is required by anyone using the software. Anyone includes and not limited to your employees, consultants, external representatives, suppliers or 3rd parties vendors.

NB. Your company details will be on every copy of the Clear Capture issued, and billing will always be to your company. Ensure that your site key details remain secret to avoid software privacy.


Q. How does Capture Capture differ from the Clear Capture (Condition Survey Toolkit)
A. Clear Capture is a simplier tool to use that will allow engineers to capture asset information when they perform survey. The speed of use is about 60% more quicker, this is because there are less forms to open up and close, less buttons to press, and users type directly into an Excel Worksheet. The data can later be export into a Helium22 FMR structure that the CST can read.

Q.How often do I need to renew my site or user licenses?
A.Site licenses no longer need to be renewed when a new version of Clear Capture is released. All bug fixes and updates are FREE. Old licenses will work with any version of the Clear Capture, provided that it is valid..

For users, licenses are issued annually, and is applicable from the starting date that the license has been created. e.g. If a user license was created on 1 January 2013, then the next rewable license date will be after the 1st of January 2014.

Q.How many asset types can I define?
A. Whilst Capture Capture ships with at least 30 predefined asset types, and you can configure more, there is no limitation on how many asset types are created.

Q.How many assets can I maintain?
A.Clear Captue allows you to manage thousands of assets conditions within a single FMR source file.

Q.How do I learn how to use Clear Capture?
A.Clear Capture distributes with a PDF help file that is accessible from your email when you registered. If you register on the Helium22 Website, you will also have access to the help, for all purchased products.

Q.Can I customise my Clear Capture, or integrate it with a 3rd party system
A.Clear Capture allows your to display your company registration details on the About tab, and can load your company logo by placing images files, in the images folder. Please contact Helium22 if your require other types of customisation or system integration.

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