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Our digital eStore is where you will find podcast listings from various professional industry experts. Helium22 digital eStore contains FREE contributed, collaborated and paid resources from professional who talk about their industry experience, and provides a resource base for other professionals to listen and learn are about how procedures and operations should be correctly performed within the workplace. Avoid making the same mistakes in your industry, by learning from professionals who know. Many podcasts are available either as single files MP3 formats or as a downloadable ZIP suite format, that will contain the full series.

Our podcasts are an inexpensive way to learn from professionals who work in their specialist fields. Moreover, podcasts within our eStore covers a wide variety of topics and are not only about IT related topics. Contributing to the Helium22 digtial eStore is also easy, first register to have the ability to contribute or contact Helium22 to find out how. All podcasts must be authorised by Helium22 before the contents are made available to the public. We reserved the right to remove any type of content from the digital eStore at any time without notice.


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