Digital eStore

Digital eStore is an online store for learning, sharing and collaborating IT, technology and sharing good ideas. We offer eBooks, toolkits and software libraries right through to Enterprise business systems.

At Helium22 we like to make a difference. Whether you're a secretary trying to automate a repetitive process, right through to a Chief Technology Officer, we are sure that you will find a cost effective solution.

We believe that you should be satisfied with all our solutions and therefore we offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.


Free solutions means FREE. Software products or documents marked as FREE can be freely distributed, however you must not sell the document, audio, product, white paper, package, library or free content for commericial or personal profit, or use it in any other commerical product that is sold.


Usually you pay a one off cost for a product or service, and then you are free to use the product or service.


After purchase there is usually a period in which you are allowed to use the product or service. After that time you must cease to use the product or service or renew the license for an extended period of use.


Normally, you pay an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or annual fee for using a product or service. You only pay for what you use, and can stop at any time.

IT eBooks

There are Helium22 eBooks that have been authored by specialists in their field. Helium22 also offers personalised eBooks that have been authored by others covering topics which are not IT related.

Programming: C#, Java, FoxPro Codebase

Whether you after a specific function to do a specified task, or and entire code library, our eStore provides code for various languages.


We aim to deliver a range of Podcasts convering a wide range of topics for your personal listening pleasure.


What type of products and services do you have ?

Our solutions come in 4 distinct options, FREE, purchased, licensed and subscription. These products and services range from consultancy right through to software developement.

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