Web Services: Profanity Cleaning

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If you capture data online or have built up a marketing list using a call centre database, you should ensure that your captured marketing data does not contain any swear or offensive words that could potentially churn your customers. Our solution are powerful and can detect many variations in offensive words.

MarkOnce is a set of data tools that allows powerful data management. The family consists of MarkOnce API, MarkOnce OutlookEmail, MarkOnce Document, MarkOnce Systems and MarkOnce Web.

MarkOnce API

This will allow a developer to add profanity checking to their own standalone applications, designed specifically for a Windows or Java based application, MarkOnce API makes transparent calls to the underlying MarkOnce Profanity database which sits on our servers. Once a copy of the database is loaded locally all further calls are made locally to speed up processing, this ensures that you're always checking against the latest version of our profanity databases. When new updates are available, your application is automatically notified and automatically updated.

MarkOnce Email

This is different when compared to many SPAM filters available on the market today which are used by ISP and customers alike. They are only useful for continuous identification of mass emails which are being sent across the internet. MarkOnce Email checking is specifically responsible for identifying incoming emails that contain profanity that can be sexual or offensive related words. These types of emails may be SPAM or personalised emails targeted by individuals which SPAM detectors do not correctly detect. MarkOnce Email filters this content type into a separate folder, so that you can be sure that content that you do not want, do not end up in your email Inbox. One bad scenario would be to receive an email containing profanity, and opening it in business or public environment. With this add-in, you can be sure that you're always protected.

MarkOnce Document

Standalone documents can be scanned for profanity and locked, ensuring that the reader does not read any documents containing profanity. This becomes very useful for schools, institutions or at home that protects children from this type of material. SPAM checkers do not usually scan through Microsoft Word and Excel documents, and therefore these types of documents can often still contain profanity. The MarkOnce Document scanner, will scan through various types of word based documents, and detect profanity words contained within them. User can then decide what they would like to do with the document. e.g. Erase or Remove profanity words.

MarkOnce Systems

This program contains all the features of API, Email, Document and Web. This is a server based product which works in the background on the network to protect your business, institution or home environment.

MarkOnce Web

This API is a powerful tool that stops web form from accepting data fields that contain profanity. Efficiently scanning every data field, prevents profanity being saved to your databases at the first point of entry, saving you thousands of pounds in cleaning costs later on. Designed as a web service, you can include your own language specific requirements, that allows or disallows form entry data.

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